Chasing Butterflies

Her heart fluttered with the wings of the yellow butterfly dancing through the sky. Eyes wide and full of wonder her feet found themselves following a trail. Away she went after the yellow butterfly out the courtyard, away from prying eyes and into a thick forest trail. The sunshine made the forest bright and inviting, … More Chasing Butterflies


I am the doctor and the patient, self-diagnosing every enigma I contain. The more I uncover the less I understand. I trust no one. Ultimately, I know I’m alone as I’ve always been. I’ve learned the hard way that lovers cannot replace what you weren’t given as a child and heartbreak is only a reflection … More Cold


It can be a beautiful thing to watch the seasons change but time is moving far too quickly now and I can’t keep up. I feel as if I’m on a boat or perhaps a plane that’s going full speed through everything I’d rather stop and soak in. I can’t bare watching as time ticks … More Time


My hair isn’t naturally straight and sleek, it’s frizzy and unruly. My skin isn’t flawless and bright, it’s uneven and scattered with blemishes.My stomach isn’t flat and toned, it’s soft and sticks out a bit after I eat.My boobs are not big and plump, they are small and perky. My ass is not perfectly rounded … More Flaws

Kruger Park

Picture a park, any park. Maybe the one you grew up with down the street or the one next to your elementary school. It consists of a vast grassy field with trees scattered here and there in many different shapes and sizes. There is a basketball court that’s rusted all over and the nets torn … More Kruger Park


she tastes like strawberries and cream her bones are wrapped carefully in soft layers of skin moans and sighs slip out of her pink lips that make a man twist and contort in agony agony only at the restraint not to consume her very being her body curves like art the little blonde hairs along … More Mine


It’s the same dream every night. You come back. You tell me you love me and you’re sorry for leaving me in the dark with demons you know I can’t handle. I run my fingers through your hair and crave those green eyes. I’ve missed you I utter over the lump in my throat. And … More Dreams

Room 203

The cold metal in my mouth felt uncomfortable, and scarier than I’d imagined. My heart beat faster as my finger teased the trigger. This is what I needed to do, I couldn’t back out now. There was no hope for me anymore, my life was a never ending abyss of tragedy and sadness. My body … More Room 203


Forgive me mother, for I have sinned. The lies and deceit that I have dished out are bubbling up my throat like hot oil and as hard as I try to purge, it still burns.I want to be the good girl you always wanted, pure and loving with the ability to change the world. I fear that … More Confessions