This isn’t a happy story. It doesn’t entail a suburban home with one or two loving parents. It doesn’t come with any warmth or nurturing, no this story is dark and cold. It’s full of misery and empty vodka bottles, prescription pills and razor blades. A broken woman cries alone in her bitterness, resentful of … More Low


To control the population’s growing emotional epidemic the government cultivates a vaccine that handicaps the brain’s ability to process emotion. In a fight to feel a rebellion forms below the city where drugs are now emotions and the body count keeps rising. … More Stimulants


She stuffed roses in her mouth to suffocate the lump in her throat but the thorns tore her tongue. Wine is tasteless and love is empty. Memories are stored in a box of sharp objects labeled “danger do not open”. Her fingers tremble as she holds metal to cream, drawing with crimson. Blood is warm … More Thorns


Will you love me when the filters are off, when all we have are the raw and bittersweet images?Will you love me in the morning before I’m put together, bare-faced and hair undone?Will you love me despite the cold in my bones and the mess in my head?Tell me, will you love me through the … More Unconditional


So soft and sweet and supple in shapes like fruits and candies, that’s what girls are. Their lips coated in shiny gloss that tastes like cherries and skin so creamy and smooth. Soft petals of roses, lilies and daffodils. Tulips, violets and gardenias. Girls are precious, edible packages in all sizes and colors. The curve … More Candy


The night was warm and peaceful. My imagination ran wild to the sounds of the ocean rising and falling, my breath syncing with it’s rhythm. Although I didn’t know him at all I felt safe with my head resting in his lap and our fingers intertwined.I liked the way he told his stories, painting vivid … More crush

Chasing Butterflies

Her heart fluttered with the wings of the yellow butterfly dancing through the sky. Eyes wide and full of wonder her feet found themselves following a trail. Away she went after the yellow butterfly out the courtyard, away from prying eyes and into a thick forest trail. The sunshine made the forest bright and inviting, … More Chasing Butterflies


I am the doctor and the patient, self-diagnosing every enigma I contain. The more I uncover the less I understand. I trust no one. Ultimately, I know I’m alone as I’ve always been. I’ve learned the hard way that lovers cannot replace what you weren’t given as a child and heartbreak is only a reflection … More Cold


It can be a beautiful thing to watch the seasons change but time is moving far too quickly now and I can’t keep up. I feel as if I’m on a boat or perhaps a plane that’s going full speed through everything I’d rather stop and soak in. I can’t bare watching as time ticks … More Time