It’s the same dream every night. You come back. You tell me you love me and you’re sorry for leaving me in the dark with demons you know I can’t handle. I run my fingers through your hair and crave those green eyes. I’ve missed you I utter over the lump in my throat. And … More Dreams


she tastes like strawberries and cream her bones are wrapped carefully in soft layers of skin moans and sighs slip out of her pink lips that make a man twist and contort in agony agony only at the restraint not to consume her very being her body curves like art the little blonde hairs along … More Mine

Room 203

The cold metal in my mouth felt uncomfortable, and scarier than I’d imagined. My heart beat faster as my finger teased the trigger. This is what I needed to do, I couldn’t back out now. There was no hope for me anymore, my life was a never ending abyss of tragedy and sadness. My body … More Room 203


I feel degraded and used. I feel smaller than a scolded child who scribbled on the walls. You made me pathetic. You made me nothing. You gave me life and then murdered it. We are evenly tied by secrets yet you still kick me in the face and leave me in the cold. I moved mountains for your love … More BITE


Forgive me mother, for I have sinned. The lies and deceit that I have dished out are bubbling up my throat like hot oil and as hard as I try to purge, it still burns.I want to be the good girl you always wanted, pure and loving with the ability to change the world. I fear that … More Confessions


I love the way you sting. I love your bittersweet poison, the way you slowly inject it into my bloodstream. Your touch soothes my darkness, like pain killers soothe wounds. I can’t heal with you but without you it’s unbearable. I follow you through all your twisted ways, loving every deadly step.I let you crawl over and … More Scorpion


The partial moon was glistening over a calm, rhythmic sea. I broke the beautiful light with my bare feet, embraced in the warm waters, and watched as it danced in chaotic perfection all around me. I never felt this at peace, this light and open. With the warm breeze tousling my hair I became drunk … More Thoughts


On 9.8.18 a part of me died. Phase One: Shock, Denial, Bargaining & Depression It stormed ferociously the night you left. Thunder shook the house and lightning lit the shadows while darkness covered the time in-between. The power was out and did not return until 3:05 AM. The rain roared down, destroying everything in it’s … More Monster


Anger. A chemical sparked in one’s brain due to an unpleasant event or discovery that bubbles up into the blood stream. This may cause irrational and powerful outburst that can destroy people and objects that are linked to the origin of the emotion. Sadness. A pit of darkness that knots itself into the abdomen and … More Emotions