My wrists are scarred from being bound, my feet bloody from being barefoot and dragged along jagged grounds. I’ve been missing a long time, lost in a forest of sharp teeth, blindfolded and scared I found safety in the arms yanking out my hair and tearing off my clothes. I couldn’t see where he’d been … More missing


Just a drop, just a sliver, just a taste to release a shiver. Pressure building in my temples, I have you to thank for the way I begin to tremble. Unfriended, unfollowed, lost the connection I guess it was borrowed. I look to the sun for hope, hidden by clouds I trudge around and mope. … More Runaway


This isn’t a happy story. It doesn’t entail a suburban home with one or two loving parents. It doesn’t come with any warmth or nurturing, no this story is dark and cold. It’s full of misery and empty vodka bottles, prescription pills and razor blades. A broken woman cries alone in her bitterness, resentful of … More Low


(2017)She sat in the passenger’s seat of the car he hated, her petite figure swallowed in his lettermen. Every minute felt like a long-lost dream she’d forgotten and if her eyes closed for too long she would forget it was real.He sat low in the driver’s seat and navigated carelessly with one knee, biting his … More Incomplete


To control the population’s growing emotional epidemic the government cultivates a vaccine that handicaps the brain’s ability to process emotion. In a fight to feel a rebellion forms below the city where drugs are now emotions and the body count keeps rising. … More Stimulants


She stuffed roses in her mouth to suffocate the lump in her throat but the thorns tore her tongue. Wine is tasteless and love is empty. Memories are stored in a box of sharp objects labeled “danger do not open”. Her fingers tremble as she holds metal to cream, drawing with crimson. Blood is warm … More Thorns