This wasn’t to make you sad This wasn’t to make you feel guilty I simply wanted to write the way I see you And the way you see me Let me just say, The sight of you truly takes my breath away I am in love with you and will never hesitate to say it … More Him.

Cognitive Drugs

I’m addicted to the way it feels to fall in love The nervous electricity when hands first touch  The passionate hesitation of a first kiss  The hungry and admiring stares that seem to try sucking up every drop of your image like there will never be another chance  The excitement and thought in every moment, … More Cognitive Drugs


My eyes are glued to you  Constantly fighting the strong pull my body seems to be yearning to give into Mysterious, your eyes are filled with an emotion I can’t quite define  Our eyes lock and everything subsides until their is only you  I look for you  Your gaze always seems to find me  A … More Obsession 

Worse Than Death

It was the moment she laid in complete silence that she knew everything had gone so wrong No music sounded soothing  No white noise would comfort  She was alone  Everything was darker, a parallel reality of horror swallowed her whole  What was this cold knot in her gut  Why did her body tremble and her … More Worse Than Death

My Funeral 

Soft lips and sea colored eyes, you are the subject of my demise. He pulled me in with a devilish smile and told me, “take off your shoes and stay for a while”.  And I knew it was wrong and I knew he was trouble, but I laid beside him, and let myself be buried six … More My Funeral 

Rapunzel the Vain

I strained my eyes in order to see the microscopic split ends on my golden hair, horrified, I immediately grabbed a pair of scissors, cutting it off with great caution, so as not to be noticeable among the other perfect locks of my hair. It had now grown down to my waist and I treated … More Rapunzel the Vain


I can’t stop looking over my shoulder…thinking I’ll seem my evil step-mom and step-sisters…not to mention on Halloween, I have grown a terrible fear of pumpkins, and it might sound crazy but I also now have a fear of rodents and dirt…Prince Charming says it’s because of everything I suffered, but I feel so bad … More Psycho-Ella