Who am I, do I matter, do I exist? Most days it doesn’t feel like it. Most days I don’t feel like a person at all. Just a machine, rolling through the months on autopilot. I don’t understand how it got this way. A little girl with big eyes and big dreams wouldn’t recognize herself … Continue reading Blank


I’ve been misunderstood when I tried to be everything I could. My name, dragged through the mud and now there’s too much bad blood. I have ex’s who claim I’m cold and cruel, shallow and toxic but really my touch was just too hypnotic. I can’t sit here and play the angel when I know … Continue reading Wildfire


The world went dark on impact. I opened my eyes and everything had changed. Smoke filled my lungs from my vehicle and I couldn’t tell you where I was. My hearing was echoed, it all seemed so far away. Although what happened was void, I felt the dread creeping up on me as I was … Continue reading Crash


I’m back on top, confident now that I won’t be stopped. My cut off is 27, I’ll say it till I die. The blessings have been flooding in and I’m grateful, I don’t cry. I can breath without telling myself I have to, I feel the warmth in my bones flood through. I cut the … Continue reading Revival

My Sun

I know I hurt you and I want you to know I got very bit of my own medicine. My wings were clipped and I tasted my own blood on the hands of a false love. I was humiliated and stripped of everything that made me, me. I lost everything I loved, I’ve been through … Continue reading My Sun


I have a lover who’s cruel as cold metal. He feigns warmth and sweetness, creates illusions of love that fill my head with fantasies. But behind the curtain is something much more disturbing, a demon with a forked tongue, a darkness so inhuman. You think I’m speaking in metaphors, for demons only exist on Hollywood … Continue reading Hell


My wrists are scarred from being bound, my feet bloody from being barefoot and dragged along jagged grounds. I’ve been missing a long time, lost in a forest of sharp teeth, blindfolded and scared I found safety in the arms yanking out my hair and tearing off my clothes. I couldn’t see where he’d been … Continue reading missing