she tastes like strawberries and cream her bones are wrapped carefully in soft layers of skin moans and sighs slip out of her pink lips that make a man twist and contort in agony agony only at the restraint not to consume her very being her body curves like art the little blonde hairs along … More Mine


When I was little I used to fantasize about living inside the beautiful little painted houses on cheap drugstore cards. I would imagine the smells of the freshly cut grass and the chirping birds singing by the bird bath. How the chimney would curl with wisps of the family fire as a home cooked meal … More Fantasy

Worse Than Death

It was the moment she laid in complete silence that she knew everything had gone so wrong No music sounded soothing  No white noise would comfort  She was alone  Everything was darker, a parallel reality of horror swallowed her whole  What was this cold knot in her gut  Why did her body tremble and her … More Worse Than Death