Nickel Jar

He put a nickel in a jar every time she smiled and spent what he’d saved on a golden locket just for her. She wore it on her neck, kept it close to the heart. That golden locket shined and glowed with the girls happiness and the boy admired every moment. But something slowly grew … More Nickel Jar

Chapped Lips

His lips were chapped that day. The bitter cold struck our town in the night, while all eyes stared upon eyelids, and minds raced with illusions of love. His lips were chapped and his nose was reddened, kissed by frost. These sheets he had laid upon, warm from his touch, had now turned cold like … More Chapped Lips

Ripple Effect

Fluffy, white clouds drifted through the afternoon sky, blocking the sun from expelling its full heat on the plaza. The walkways were made of cracked brick roads, weather beaten marble buildings, and a large fountain in the center which had run bone dry. Several shops lined the sides of the plaza, mostly abandoned with dust … More Ripple Effect

The Balance

This is the story of how a girl broke free from her shell. How a girl conquered her fears. How a girl decided to not just survive, but live. “The day we are born we start to die. As soon as we are old enough to function on our own we are sent into school, … More The Balance