Rapunzel the Vain

I strained my eyes in order to see the microscopic split ends on my golden hair, horrified, I immediately grabbed a pair of scissors, cutting it off with great caution, so as not to be noticeable among the other perfect locks of my hair. It had now grown down to my waist and I treated … More Rapunzel the Vain

Bloody Snow

I am the girl who sang to birds, almost got killed by a Servant, lived with seven dwarfs, and choked on an apple. Although my life sounds terrible, it had a good ending, but the thing is, it wasn’t the ending. So yes, I do live in a castle and I still love to sing … More Bloody Snow


I can’t stop looking over my shoulder…thinking I’ll seem my evil step-mom and step-sisters…not to mention on Halloween, I have grown a terrible fear of pumpkins, and it might sound crazy but I also now have a fear of rodents and dirt…Prince Charming says it’s because of everything I suffered, but I feel so bad … More Psycho-Ella

Little Red

Every night since the incident I can’t sleep, the nightmares of that horrible wolf haunted me, my grandma…my poor grandma. I slowly rose out of my bed and stumbled towards the door, I had started this pattern a few days after…what happened…I would wake up (If you call jumping out of bed from a terrible … More Little Red