Best friends forever, promises shared.
I swear the truth about you was just too much to bare, I wasn’t prepared.
Been running through my mind trying to understand where it all went wrong when I’ve had your back for so long.
Cut me deep, I didn’t know you were capable, didn’t even try to stop the bleeding now your true colors are out, the reality inescapable.
Would have taken a bullet for you, dropped everything to be your shoulder when you were blue, I always came to your rescue.
Put you on a pedestal, too high, flipped the script to make me the bad guy now the bad blood won’t dry.
Lied to my face, your own nephew warned me but I didn’t listen, too caught up in what I thought was a blessing; now I’m reassessing.
Don’t trust the people you trust, he was right and that’s depressing, thought it was a trick but I was wrong, I’m confessing.
Didn’t lie, didn’t cheat, never missed a beat yet I’m the one that takes all the heat.
Matching ink with both of you, believed the bond was permanent, guess I should have thought that through. Ironic yours didn’t fully stick; the heart of the cross faded in hue.
Playing whatever side that suits you, loose lipped and bending the truth, crying like a victim when you’re the culprit, a nasty shrew.
Blatantly showed me you don’t care what damage you do, so now I’m blatantly saying fuck you too.
Caught me by surprise with a bullet in my back, you pierced a pure heart and it felt like a smack, when did yours become so black?
Red flags I always looked past, your sins against me are vast.
Abandoned me when I was down and drowning but you never even stopped and asked.
Again and again telling me you’d have my back, but I see clearly integrity is what you lack.
Fucked me over with false allegations to an ex, whispering misinformation, twisting my character around with such disrespect.
Playing the telephone game like a child at recess, incapable of cleaning up and facing your own mess.
Double sided, sadly misguided, I feel like a fool I was so blinded.
Loved you with all my heart and you turned out to be small minded.
Finally healthy, happy and free. But you just had to trickle poison into my life, bringing back the darkness, how selfish can you be?
I wish you could see, how valuable a friend you threw out, that’s a heavy fee.
Was impaired by a fantasy but now I see, karmas a bitch, but I’m a witch, shouldn’t have fucked with me.
You and I are not the same, not even close in reign. I was raised wild in the jungle through survival and pain, you in suburbia; spoiled and tamed, so plain.
So tell me what the fuck did you gain from throwing me down the drain? Now your hands are stained.
Where I’m from we deal with your kind by cutting off the head, a snake in the grass, one swift chop with the machete and you’re dead.
You made your bed, filled my back with lead. Did you really think I’d let this go quietly with my truth unsaid? Should have thought ahead.
But don’t worry this isn’t a death threat, I don’t have to touch a coward to make them shiver and sweat.
You wanna come for me baby, bet. I haven’t even gotten started yet.
I don’t need friends that aren’t true, so have fun going out with fakes like you.
When life hits you upside the head you’re going to wish you’d stuck by me instead.
I’m no stranger to betrayal but I trusted you. Stuck my neck out for a little serpent who had no clue, no clue what being on my bad side would do.
You played with fire and now the bridge is burned, don’t call me don’t text me, don’t even mention me, I won’t be extending any olive tree.
Guilty of murder in the first degree, your soul is filthy.
You turned and I learned. If I were you I’d be concerned.
Everything I did for you; you never earned.
My heart is broken and you’ve just ran out of luck, hope you’re praying now because your name is in a freezing house of mirrors where you will be stuck.
Till all you’ve done is reflected back and damn that’s gonna suck.
I’d wish you the best but blood demands blood, you’re done now, finished. But I won’t do what you did, I won’t drag your name through the mud.
Undeserving of my loyalty and love, you should know all the truth I could have said but as my last gift to you, your secrets are safe and buried instead.
Not half the women you think you are, real life is going to hit you hard.
It’s still so bazaar, can’t believe you’d do me like this, left an ugly scar.
When it all comes crashing down, don’t frown. You deserve that cold water and I hope you drown.
Nothing like what you pretend to be; can’t stand for anything so you’ll fall for everything you’re as shallow as can be.
No depth to you so the currents will take you far out to sea.
Did me wrong one too many times and couldn’t even take responsibility. It’s everyone’s fault but your own, no nobility.
Best friend, you are such a disgrace. No longer welcome in my space.
I can summon demons that love to chase, won’t do it to you because I’m trying hard to keep my grace, not worth getting my hands dirty but betrayal has a bitter taste.
So don’t test me and stay the fuck in your place.
I don’t want to hear your name or see your face, this is no arms race.
It’s way too little too late for a meaningless sorry and a half hearted embrace, hope you sleep good on that crocodile tear-stained pillowcase.
So full of bullshit, no wonder your stomach always aches.
You might have some venom but make no mistakes, these tiger claws can rip effortlessly through pesty garden snakes.

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