Brand New

Brand new but we stuck to each other like glue, I stare at you and enjoy the view, it’s true.
I told myself I’d never do this again but here I go, I can’t help it you just give me a different type of glow.
It’s no coincidence we found each other, we’ve met before, and no, I’m not talking about the snow.
Breathing is easy with your skin grazing mine, blue eyes that could make me cross a dangerous line, they roll back when our bodies align.
Nerves running like electricity, you excite me, I want you closer in proximity.
I’m so ravenous for more, it’s frightening, I have to stop myself from biting.
You kissed me and we made lightning, lips so soft and inviting.
I love the mess in your head, no sleep, we both don’t want to go to bed.
How good you feel should be a crime, when you’re inside it makes me twist and whine.
Your soul and mine are deliciously intertwined, there’s never enough time.
Stuck in my head, I’m obsessed with you. Tracing your tattoos, I think you’re the one that I’d choose.
This is moving fast, good things usually don’t last and thats why I stay quiet, I don’t want us to crash.
You scare me and I know I scare you too, but I’m hooked now, there’s nothing I can do.
You think you’re crazy but so am I, all the best people are and to you I’d never lie; Cross my heart and hope to die.
The best days lately are with you in my sheets, sky high, speaker leaking beats.
Presence like a breath of fresh air, you keep me grounded, souls like you are rare. Melted my walls, exposed and bare.
I haven’t had butterflies like this since high school, my face flushes every time you look at me, like a pretty little fool.
Too good to be true, you’re perfect as if I manifested you, usually a pessimist but lately I’ve been trying out a different point of view.
Self medicated as I write this, craving a kiss.
Cupid got me this time, he didn’t miss, when you’re near it’s utter bliss. Desiring your presence, I want to crawl into your abyss.
I don’t care how long we have left, so long as I can lay my head on your chest.
Die young, leave a beautiful corpse. Old souls, we’re tired of course.
Late nights with my nails in your back and your hands on my hips followed by blue mornings without your lips.
I feel calmer with your fingers and mine intertwined or tracing the curve of my spine.
Our pasts are murky and red, too many times we should have been dead, hearts kept beating instead.
In uncharted waters, we broke all the rules. You stole my heart, It’s too late for me to play it cool.
With the brightest lights comes the deepest darkness, when mine takes over there’s blood on the carpet.
I’ll kiss your face and tell you I’m fine, just spilled some wine.
Know that I’ll hold your demons if you can handle mine.
I’ve never felt a heart quite like yours, longing that procures.
I wish you could see you the way I do, I wish you knew.
There’s so many things I want tell you but you’re too brand new.
A union most divine, you crawled inside my mind.
Come over baby, let’s take some medicine and unwind.

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