Eye Of The Storm

We are standing in the eye of the storm but don’t look up, you must conform.
Comfortable, blind, naive to the long building destruction that will soon concede.
A wound in our humanity, infected and leaking out puss, but they’ll tell you not to fuss.
Split in half by red and blue, this country is far from true.
The bullshit that feeds us, we’re too used to.
You wake up and check your socials, you go to school, you go to work, drudging through life in a murk.
A system built to wear and tear, work like machines until it’s too much to bear.
Addicted to emotions, it’s too uncomfortable to set change into motion
Over-sensitized and stimulated, we’ve lost our true connection, lining up like sheep, arms out and ready for injection, but it’s for your protection.
When’s the last time you stopped to appreciate earth as it cries, the elements, the magic, as it slowly dies.
Fighting over fake leaders to the point you’d cut off blood, severing connections because you believed a dud.
Glued to the news like it’s scripture, you don’t even have the tiniest clue of the bigger picture.
There’s war everywhere, if you think it won’t touch you, better say a prayer.
Dot your I’s and cross your T’s because there are a lot of things they don’t want you to see.
It’s not that hard, so long as you don’t need a green card.
It’s not that bad, so long as there’s still blood on your pad.
It’s not that dangerous, so long as you look like them, they’re here for justice.
So long as your’e rich, pale, and male, with eyes under a veil.
A string of strategized shootings, don’t you see what they’re doing?
Ukraine goes silent and you’re worried about Will Smith getting violent.
Secret works behind the scenes day by day, little by little they’re taking our freedom away.
Back to the old days, women don’t get any say, breed them while they’re ripe, no one will put up a fight.
You can use their bodies for all it’s worth and they have no choice but to give birth on stolen earth.
Thousands of children without homes, beaten and broken but that seems to be left unspoken. Meanwhile, the churches hypocrisy is out in the open.
My heart screams. Martin Luther rolling in his grave at the sound of broken dreams.
I can feel the generations of pain, violence and rage of all those who fought and died for equality, for peace, for love.
Their tears are falling from the sky as they look to see all their work undone.
This burden weighs a ton, how will you protect yourself without a gun? Guess you’d better run.
Greed and gluttony are ravaging this world
Divided by opinions, fears and distractions we are powerless. Don’t feed in and let them oppress.
If you can’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.
Careful with all those strings.
You’re giving them too much access. But you like to be comfortable, blind, and controlled, confess.
Only surrounding myself with fighters, nothing less.
I won’t be silenced till my last breath, actually, not even after death.
Deep rooted corruption like a stain, once we lose it all there will be nothing left to gain.
Only the pure will sustain.

2 thoughts on “Eye Of The Storm

  1. Beautifully Brilliant!!

    Division is the delight of the deceitful. To distract and confuse you from the truth. Trying to guide you to a path that leads to self destruction after they gained all your energy and kept you from true consciousness! Together we are strong! Collective Consciousness will elevate the Earth! But you my precious one already know this. Thank you for always sharing your thoughts and feelings in your magical expressive words.

    Love and miss you much Dawn


    Liked by 1 person

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