Identity Theft

I hate to say it but I miss the old days, been fighting the urge to cope through my old ways.

Pain used to be my favorite poison but lately I can’t seem to feel a fucking thing, meanwhile my mental health is hanging by a tiny string.

Sadistic and masochistic, I long to be free, can’t fit in your cookie cutter but you couldn’t just let me be me.

Isolated and froze off from all connection, he’s cutting off my wings and obscuring the blood with such discretion.

I wanted so badly for it to be a perfect fit, I compromised everything and lost my identity for a counterfeit.

An angel choking on her own halo, he tightened the leash and I felt so low.

We are a fairytale from the outside but something sinister rots within, like a corrupt preacher he punishes me and demands forgiveness for every so called sin.

Twisted and contorted I don’t know how this ends, you’re presence is a dark, pressure filled cloud, always expecting amends.

I would give anything to feel something passionate again.

With beliefs and morals a century behind, you think this is a man’s world and I should fall in line.

All the things about me that made you fall in love are now what you want to get rid of.

I guess you never really know people till you’re in too deep, take me away from here I’d rather be six feet underneath.

I loved you once, but like a child with a desperate grip you suffocated all the butterflies. Now you blame me and I calm the storm by telling lots of pretty lies.

I’ve ignored my needs and my feelings for too long, hoping and praying you were right and I was wrong.

I have to tread carefully, following routine because if stray from the usual I must be doing something obscene.

I cry and cry for release from your venomous interrogation but you don’t listen, you don’t believe me, you throw me into damnation.

You almost convinced me I was what you say I am but now I just want to feel like I can breath again.

Innocent till proven guilty but not with you, I’m always the bad guy and it’s turns back on me, no matter what I do.

I can’t keep it up anymore, I won’t.

It’s time to admit we’ve been a show, dead for a while now and I’m taking off the chain you tied like a bow.

Thank you for all you taught me but I think it’s time you go.

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