Stolen Jungle

We stood our ground, we sweat tears and blood.

A single mother braved the unknown of a foreign country making it her own.

I never appreciated her struggle until I was grown.

Our future, our DNA, it all went into that land and now every day I pray

I pray out stolen jungle will be brought to justice, but it was taken when we moved to Broadway.

Those who stole my future, my mother’s dream, they will all pay.

I’m going to make it my purpose to turn their lives grey.

Biding my time until the right day.

Even from the grave I’ll watch you decay.

No sympathy, no remorse. If you cry for his death you’ll end up like his horse.

The bamboo man, otherwise known as a conman, that’s how it all began.

I’ve had years and years to plot my game plan but in the freezing house of mirrors he had too short of a life span.

My only regret is not being there to spit on a dead man.

Perhaps I sound harsh but you don’t understand, he took everything we worked for and it was all planned.

Ripped us off, faked a smile and took the payoff.

I want revenge, I want blood, I want to watch their jaws unhinge.

Perverts and fake healers occupy our home, stealers must be punished, don’t worry mom I’ll make sure their lives are gone and vanished, those bitches are finished.

I’m grown now, not a cub, a fierce tiger I won’t screw up.

Their days are numbered, they’ll be unborn and no one better mourn.

For karma has been coming, I’m just speeding up the process, got so much anger I repress.

It will be unleashed on all of you, and your sons and daughters too.

You haven’t seen the last of me, I’m going to burn every last bit of you, Mr. bamboo.

Disrespecting the dead but sorry I don’t care all I want to see is bloodshed.

Cry if you want, be scared, all I see is red and I won’t stop till I see them all on their death bed.

Scream, warn your friends, I’m coming back to finish you so try you’re best, run and hide, go ahead.

In no time you’ll all be wishing you were dead.

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