I’m back on top, confident now that I won’t be stopped.

My cut off is 27, I’ll say it till I die.

The blessings have been flooding in and I’m grateful, I don’t cry.

I can breath without telling myself I have to, I feel the warmth in my bones flood through. I cut the rope wrapped around my throat, I saved my life and now they’ll remember what I wrote.

What I went through will remain mine, all that pain is faded in the background and now I feel sublime.

It’s a new era, brand new, no grime.

I’m picky now since those in my past just wasted my time.

My belief is to stay humble, even after every last prayer has been answered I’ll still pray every fucking day so I know my throne will never crumble.

I treasure my closest people, they held my hand when the darkness got lethal.

With every lesson I grow more and more, if I hadn’t opened my eyes I wouldn’t have walked out the door.

My heart is pure and it will stay that way.

I won’t waste energy on revenge because I know karma will have something to say.

You haven’t even seen what I can do, just keep your distance in the sidelines and enjoy the view.

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