My wrists are scarred from being bound, my feet bloody from being barefoot and dragged along jagged grounds.

I’ve been missing a long time, lost in a forest of sharp teeth, blindfolded and scared I found safety in the arms yanking out my hair and tearing off my clothes.

I couldn’t see where he’d been leading me, I couldn’t tell you how long I’d been there, days..years?

With my vision taken I comforted myself in fantasies of the happily ever after I would soon reach if only I could make it just a little bit longer.

Home didn’t exist anymore, he could sense I was alone, like a wolf separated from its pack, sick and weak, an easy target for a hunter looking to hang his next trophy.

He likes to play a game with me, one that tormented and clawed at my chest. He’d kick me aside and spat things like useless, telling me he didn’t need dead weight. He’d let me run blindly around in circles, I thought I was alone, soon I’d begin to cry and beg and scream for him to return, the silence roared back at me.

But he’d be there the whole time, smiling to himself, devouring each and every pain stricken plea. He’d make sure I was defeated before he’d rush to scoop me back up and continue leading me alongside him.

How long have I played this game? It’s begun to take a toll on me.

I’d forgotten who I was, where I came from, that there was anything else besides this.

The blindfold slipped off and my fantasies of who had been dragging me shattered.

I saw the blood and the horror of what was happening to me, yet I still follow because now it’s all I know. He’s all I know.

Pieces of who I am are returning but I don’t have the strength to break free, where am I going? What will happen when we get to the end?

He’s securing the blindfold tightly around my head once again and this time I can’t comfort myself with dreams of a beautiful forest and a handsome prince. For I know it’s a monster wearing me out, making me nothing, breaking me open and devouring all the warmth inside me. He won’t stop until there’s nothing left.

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