Just a drop, just a sliver, just a taste to release a shiver.

Pressure building in my temples, I have you to thank for the way I begin to tremble.

Unfriended, unfollowed, lost the connection I guess it was borrowed.

I look to the sun for hope, hidden by clouds I trudge around and mope.

Tired of being a misfit, the one who doesn’t belong. My mind, my body, it all feels fucking wrong.

I walk behind a happy family as the odd man out, never being able to grasp the love of a blood connection unless it’s wrapped up in silver blades with the words that spit hate at my own reflection.

Three months of inflating tension, the ones who want to slice into me relate by faking a deeper comprehension.

I’d nearly sold my soul for a ticket back from an icy prison, now I’m not so sure the devil hasn’t risen.

Once you start running away you never really stop, numbing loneliness in the bloody nose leaking onto my tank top.

A masochist, a sadist all tied in one, I don’t fit in your categories but I’ll try for fun.

They say nothing’s more dangerous than a person who has nothing left to lose, I’m not feeling so good now but grieving 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… I’ll get through it somehow.

I hope my story ends soon as someone who burned out rising from the ashes but I know better than to believe it will be more than when the car crashes.

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