The way a little bird sings I pour my heart to a lover who doesn’t listen.
I simply can’t write when you can’t read.
My words are filled with colors and feelings, a language you don’t understand.
In love with a soul so unlike mine, yours doesn’t cry and bleed for the shades of a butterfly’s wings, it never looks twice.
I find beauty and passion in the beats flowing through the speakers while you talk over my favorite verse.
You look at me with admiration, I hope I’m not mistaken.
I wonder if perhaps the things you do to make my heart skip a beat are scarlet flags warning me of cruel intentions.
It’s hard to love you blindly, it’s hard not to question your affection when I can’t feel a pulse.
Do you feel my soul when you touch my skin? Can you taste it?
I could paint your iris over and over until the emerald stains my blood but would it ever move you?
Dead eyes when you want to see me suffer how did I end up with such a selfish lover?
Yet despite the darkness all I look forward to is your embrace because your arms are my safe place.
Warm nights in soft filters with Cheetos and chocolate milk, you gripped my thigh and said I felt like silk.
I’ve never been so in love as I am when I look in those bright green eyes. The way my body fills with euphoria at your touch, I love you too much.
They say I’m stupid, they say it’s pointless. They say we’re toxic for each other but they don’t know shit. Living off of a breathless kiss they just envy the way we stare at each other in utter bliss. 
You’re the only person who I can’t breath without, who can make me feel lifeless when you ice me out and when you neglect me all I do is pout. 
I don’t know if any of this is right, you get angry and my guard goes up but I hate when we fight. 
Late nights intertwined against a tree, there was nowhere else in the world I’d rather be. We go together like Cheetos and Chocolate Milk, I’ve never loved someone like this. 
I’m begging for your affection, baby please stop playing I don’t want to lose our connection. 
It’s not often someone captures all my attention, don’t take it for granted. This isn’t the kind of love you find twice and losing it comes with a heavy price. 
Heavy breathing, hands in hair, fingers in my mouth. We whisper things that would send us straight down south.  
You promise things you never did keep but maybe this time is different, I know I’m in too deep. 

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