i wrote u a poem for ur surprise

When you held my hand I held my breath and your girl didn’t like that.
Numb nosed through the twists and turns of IKEA, I looked at you and muttered I like your style.
Push and pull like magnets while I watch you drag a cig you never finish.
When you had no furniture, we sat on your kitchen floor cutting straws and I dreaded walking out the door.
I liked the way the colors danced on your skin in the waterfall of light strips, I craved a taste of the alcohol on your lips.
I know if I let go I’d get lost in you and maybe that’s too dangerous to risk.
We lay in your bed, comfortable harmony for hours sharing songs, the words bleed into our bodies while the beats match our pulse.
Innocent touch but my thoughts misbehave, I wonder if you feel the same.
I shiver from your hand gently pressed on my back, I look for reasons to brush past.
I pretended not to notice your eyes following me, a game of sneaking glances.
I like the way you listen even when my lips aren’t moving, I like the way you wrapped your arms around me when we’d say goodnight and the way your voice was always so soothing.
Under dim street lighting I brushed my lips on your neck and told myself no biting.
I know I made you nervous even though you tried to hide it and I wanted so badly just to say let’s go somewhere private.
We’re both antisocial, skipping out on a party to laugh over ice cream sandwiches all night, you made me lose my focal.
We never were able to belong to each other, sharing stolen time in alleyways and meeting in parking lots, always needing some kind of cover.
Don’t wait for me but wait for me, I don’t want to lose my cool but maybe this is meant to be.

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