She sat in the passenger’s seat of the car he hated, her petite figure swallowed in his lettermen. Every minute felt like a long-lost dream she’d forgotten and if her eyes closed for too long she would forget it was real.
He sat low in the driver’s seat and navigated carelessly with one knee, biting his lip unconsciously.
A playlist perfected bleed from the speakers and every few minutes he’d look over, eyes fixated.
He wore a lazy half smile and would run his tongue across razor-sharp canines that left the hot taste of iron behind.
She’d try to sneak adoring glances but he’d catch her with that smile and those pouty lips and laugh, What? biting at the edge of his hood before pulling it over his nose.
Streetlights illuminated their faces in the dark, a warm feeling like coming home buzzed through her body when their hands would brush with the silent wish that time could stop moving.
Late nights with swapped baggy sweats their laughter echoed over bubbling root beer floats.
A dewy morning, the sun barely lifting itself over the horizon and through wispy trees. They spent hours learning each other’s body’s in a parked car with the windows fogged and promises whispered between soft moans.
My long lost love exhausted from heated lips, bodies intertwined. Scratches down his back and bites on her neck he pulled her in close when she’d shift away in her slumber.
What if we never see each other again?
We will.
But by the time the moon circled back around the girl was gone, lost again with polaroids and a strained goodbye.

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