Will you love me when the filters are off, when all we have are the raw and bittersweet images?
Will you love me in the morning before I’m put together, bare-faced and hair undone?
Will you love me despite the cold in my bones and the mess in my head?
Tell me, will you love me through the tears and the snot?
Will you love me when you see inside, love me when the charm is gone?
Will you love me when I’m calling you names and the walls go up?
Tell me baby, will you put in the work to tear them down time after time?
Will you turn tails and run when the pain hits and you can’t fix it?
Are you strong enough to stay and hold me through it?
Will you pull me close when I get distant or let me drift away?
Baby tell me, will your love endure?
Will you be my lighthouse in the midst of a dark and stormy sea or the anchor that takes me down?
If I let you inside will you stay for the ugly parts or is your love only on the surface?
When you tell me you love me, is it pure or did you attach strings when I wasn’t looking?
Is it love or is it lust? Is it pure or is it tainted?
Do you love me or don’t you know what it means?
Will you love me when we’re under pressure?
Will you put in the work without the instant gratification?
Will you hurt me? Will you love me when I hurt you back?
Do you love me the way one loves art? Will you walk away?
When you say you love me is it in sickness and through death?
Will you be my soldier even through the most brutal of wars?
Is it love? Is it unbreakable?
Will you always remind me you love me and be back with a bouquet of soft petals?
Will you love every part of me; all my soul and my entire being?
Don’t say you love me, don’t fucking say it, not till it’s through tears, blood, pain and joy.
Not until it is completely and irrevocably unconditional.

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