So soft and sweet and supple in shapes like fruits and candies, that’s what girls are.
Their lips coated in shiny gloss that tastes like cherries and skin so creamy and smooth.
Soft petals of roses, lilies and daffodils. Tulips, violets and gardenias.
Girls are precious, edible packages in all sizes and colors.
The curve of her back, the freckles on her skin, the blonde baby hairs only visible in soft lighting.
The way she spends her lazy weekends in silky sheets getting wet with goosebumps running up and down her legs.
They shiver and shake while soft moans escape their glossy lips.
Thighs that taste like strawberries and cream, melting to your touch.
Delicate, they should be handled with care but ravenously consumed.
The nape of their necks, so fragile and tender.
Nipples like gumdrops atop handfuls of plump breasts, how delicious.
Mouth coated in sugar, tongue dripping with sweetness.
Stubborn until it’s play time with obedience that would make their daddy’s proud.
Hair soft like cotton candy, perfect for pulling to keep her pretty face up and her spine curved elegantly.
So perfect, so beautiful and so pure, that’s what girls are.

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