she tastes like strawberries and cream

her bones are wrapped carefully in soft layers of skin

moans and sighs slip out of her pink lips that make a man twist and contort in agony

agony only at the restraint not to consume her very being

her body curves like art

the little blonde hairs along her naval glow in the strips of sunlight that escape through the blinds early in the morning

she stretches like a cat and curls back into the sheets

silky vanilla skin so soft on the eyes and soft to the touch

her mane of dark hair contrasts those sparkling blue eyes that are dancing beneath their eyelids

when they caught you, those big oceans would take your breath away and she’d stare up at you with a playful look, full of needs and wants that could never be fulfilled

always hungry, never satisfied

she’s beautiful when she cries and her lips swell

the sheets imprint on her delicate skin, leaving behind swirls and zig zagged lines

I ran a finger down her spine and knew this was the only place I ever wanted to be

but then there was anger and pain in her eyes and the promise to walk away forever

my heart thumped in a panic and her head oozed crimson

in this moment I felt peace

she was mine forever

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