I feel degraded and used. I feel smaller than a scolded child who scribbled on the walls. 
You made me pathetic. You made me nothing. 
You gave me life and then murdered it. 
We are evenly tied by secrets yet you still kick me in the face and leave me in the cold. 
I moved mountains for your love and you didn’t move a finger. 
I’m one in a million but it’s sad that you will never know diamond from plastic. 
You think you look so cool playing with a girl like me but I’m dripping with gold, baby, and you’re still just a nickel copycat. 
Your sea green eyes pulled me in and became my weakness but I haven’t forgotten who I am. 
My kiss made you a prince and you got greedy but it had a price you aren’t prepared to pay. I’m laced with poison worse than you can produce and it hasn’t even run it’s course. 
You should be more careful than to sting the hand that feeds you my love, you should have been more careful with my heart. 
I put you on that pedestal and without me, I promise, it will crumble.
I’m your most exotic ecstasy and your worst nightmare.
You may have a powerful and cruel sting that knocked me down for a while but I assure you, my bite is deadly and I just got back on my feet. 


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