I love the way you sting. I love your bittersweet poison, the way you slowly inject it into my bloodstream. 
Your touch soothes my darkness, like pain killers soothe wounds. I can’t heal with you but without you it’s unbearable. 
I follow you through all your twisted ways, loving every deadly step.
I let you crawl over and under my skin unapologetically.
No matter how hard I try to run from you I find myself circling right back around, a doomed boomerang. 
You never lift a muscle or flinch when we’re apart, you simply wait. You stalk me patiently, knowing I will come to you. I am your predictable prey. 
Our silky smoke wrapped memories on dirty park benches haunt my dreams along with your blood shot eyes. Did I ever tell you how beautiful they looked like that? It makes the green burst brightly and boldly, even under a dark sky.
Between the worn white walls, in your messy cotton sheets is where I crawled into your heart and made a home for myself. I gave you every bit of me, every raw, bittersweet part.
You’ve inflicted more wounds than you’ve nursed and yet my heart flutters when I think back to the night you cleaned me up and held me tight.
I hate when you hurt me but I hate it worse when you cry. 
You tore a hole in me that I can’t close. Trauma bonds run deep between us. 
Your possessive gaze made me lie and cheat for you all in the name of love, like that would save my soul. 
I love the way your eyes turn dark and stormy when you’re pissed, I love that you say fuck instead of sex, I love that your glare is crippling while your touch is always gentle.
Distance is cold but yours is below freezing. 
Your lips get pale and stiff when you’re about to tell me something that will break my heart.
I always hated that. 
My heart is bent and contorted and I need you to hold me but you’re never there. 
There is no antidote for this poison and it surely will kill me but not tonight so up your sting and please give me another hit.


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