I see you now for what you are and that is small and weak and pitiful. I will always cherish the lessons you taught me and I will always thank you for the strength you gave me. You stripped me of my worth and my dignity and it created the power and the resilience I possess today. Without you I would have been brittle, I would have been scared of myself and others, like you. I once looked at you and saw a man who was intimidating and full of mystery and now I see you for what you are, the small fragile boy behind the curtain, nothing but a child who needs the conquest of others to feed your own sinking self esteem.

And that’s okay.

It’s okay that you are what you are and I truly hope that one day you are able to learn and grow as I did. I do hope that one day you are able to see things from an untainted perspective and understand that what you’ve done is not okay, that it is hurtful and manipulative and will get you nowhere but dead ends all your life. But I also accept that day may never come. You may never see the truth and you may never change your ways. There were countless before me and surely after and I only hope that they can find the same closure that I have.

What happened is long over. Ancient history. And I’m not writing this to dig it up, I am simply saying I have accepted and moved on from this wound. This is me tying up loose ends, as a new era of my life is beginning and I am burying the skeletons that hung in my closet for too long.

This is not a goodbye to you, it is far too late for that.

This is a goodbye to my pain, anger, resentment and sadness that I’ve held onto all this time.

So goodbye.

I no longer need or desire you and can finally say that this story has come to an end.

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