A chemical sparked in one’s brain due to an unpleasant event or discovery that bubbles up into the blood stream. This may cause irrational and powerful outburst that can destroy people and objects that are linked to the origin of the emotion.


A pit of darkness that knots itself into the abdomen and throat causing the rise of hot tears that spill out of glossy eyes and down freshly flushed cheeks. Skin on the face swells and bloats whilst one’s appetite and motivation for any activities decreases. The happy, creative, and inspirational chemicals are deactivated during this time and the mind can wonder into dark and dangerous places.


An overwhelming endorphin released by objects and people that may appear aesthetically appealing or mentally intriguing. This may cause irrational and risky behavior that would otherwise be avoided by a clear mind. It may lead to unhealthy and obsessive behavior over the people and objects that trigger the endorphins. One’s mind may be easily swayed and corrupted during this time and their safety or the safety of others may be at risk.


A rare, buttery feeling that fills the body with warmth. Not much else is known about this state seeing as it lasts for small spurts and can never be predicted or studied.

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