The Dead Don’t Want Your Flowers

Poor Baby Boy

You gave your everything in the name of love

But came up empty handed

It was sweet at first, wasn’t it?

There is always one that loves the other more

An ongoing tragedy

Your innocent heart got caught in such a deadly game

A game you were doomed to lose from the start

You were too sweet

Too naive

When she promised you the world

You gave your heart and soul in return

But the promise was empty

And life without her wasn’t imaginable

So you ended yours.

Poor Baby Girl

Your heart belonged to another and he just didn’t understand

He loved you with everything he had but it wasn’t enough


You wanted more

Too little too late did it strike

That boy was in love with you

And it hurt

Didn’t it?

When you held that crumpled note in your hand

The note that declared a life without you was not a life for him

And although you screamed and cried

Although your body filled with regret and horror at what you had done

At what you had lost

It wasn’t enough.





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