This wasn’t to make you sad

This wasn’t to make you feel guilty

I simply wanted to write the way I see you

And the way you see me

Let me just say,

The sight of you truly takes my breath away

I am in love with you and will never hesitate to say it

But I can’t help notice when you say it back you aren’t looking at me

Maybe you are looking into my eyes but you see another’s

The eyes you see are not my murky brown that I’ve always hated

The eyes you see are his

Those playful turquoise gems that sparkle in his shallow skull

I hate those eyes

I hate how happy they make you and I hate that you stare into them while I embrace you

Is it fair that I know you love him?

Is it fair that you will never love me the same way?


I can feel your hesitation when you reminisce his touch

His gaze

His laugh

His voice

My lungs and my mind are shattering to pieces as I watch you slip

Slip further and further from my grasp and into the faraway places of your mind

You retreat from me

And the farther you fall

The darker my heart becomes

And the more I just want to

Kill him.

Destroy him.

Be him.



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