The Slender Man Chronicles 2


Lisa woke in a hospital, two nurses stood over her and bright light shone in her face. Suddenly the events that had happened before came rushing back. The dare, the woods, the notes, and that creepy being…and Chloe. How did she get here and where was Chloe were the only questions she needed answered by these people, yet when she tried to speak nothing came out, in fact not even her lips would move. A normal person probably would have freaked and wouldn’t know what was going on, Lisa however knew she must be under some sort of drug that must numb her and keep her still, and yet what had happened in the woods to get her here? Was Chloe here to? How did they get out of the woods and away from that … thing. She needed to get to Chloe as soon as this drug wore off, maybe she would remember what happened. The nurses standing above her seemed to notice Lisa was awake because in seconds she began to regain her feeling as well as control over her body again.

“You are safe Lisa, your parents are in the waiting room and your injuries are being treated.” One of them spoke in a sweet voice that was almost comforting.

“Is Chloe awake yet? What injuries? How did I get here?” Lisa muttered, though the nurses somehow made sense of her words, looking at each other for guidance and then seeming to have an unspoken agreement they looked down on me again,

“Just rest for now, you may need to answer a few questions later, but you need to regain your strength so you can go home soon.” With that they just left Lisa sitting in a private room, by herself, with unanswered questions building up in her head. She sat up, confused and disorientated, maybe if she could just get to that door she would be able to find Chloe. Lisa attempted to move her legs off the bed when an excruciating pain when up one of her legs, she ripped of the paper thin sheet covering her to reveal a very large cast wrapped tightly around her leg, great. She thought, my leg is broken.

Hours past in the same manner of Lisa sitting there, bored out of her mind, not getting a wink of sleep just hoping Chloe would come soon, studying every inch of the room she laid in, it was about as big as a small bedroom and had blinding white paint on the walls, the only furniture was a tiny bedside table, and a chair that sat beside Lisa’s hospital bed, the most depressing room ever. Finally the door creaked open and she sat up getting excited glimpsing a strand of red hair only to be disappointed when the women coming in was not Chloe and had a deep navy uniform with a police badge pinned right to her chest, followed by a man in the same uniform, the police, what did they want?

“Hello, we are here to ask a few questions about what happened to you the night of the incident.” The female police officer said in such a deep voice Lisa had to do a double take to realize that it hadn’t been the male cop.

“What kind of questions.” Her voice was cracking and she could feel her lips were chapped. Lisa’s stomach began turning into a knot and couldn’t help but twiddle her thumbs nervously.

“We understand that you went into the woods by Sherton’s hill, correct?” The male’s voice was husky and rough making her uncomfortable and fidgety.


“Why exactly did you go up into those woods by yourself?” The female cop said, with closer examination at her badge, her name was Sharon. Lisa knitted her eyebrows in confusion,

“But I didn’t go alone, I was with my best friend Chloe, didn’t you question her too?” Surly they would’ve questioned Chloe, Lisa though, unless she hadn’t woken up yet. The cops looked at each other, the male, Allen, took out pen and paper and began jotting down notes.

“What is Chloe’s last name dear?” Sharon asked.

“Darion, Chloe Darion.” Lisa replied, puzzled they didn’t know this, maybe Chloe just was found separate from her, and they didn’t realize they were together.

“Okay, can you recount the story to me, exactly as it happened?” Sharon would nod and say a simple ‘yes’ or ‘go on’ every now and then as Lisa recounted the entire event of that night, however she conveniently left out the part about the strange creature in the woods that had held their hands, she just said that they had heard someone out there and that’s all she remembered, but the actual last thing she remembered was saying, ‘oh totally, pink is definitely the new black!’ and then everything just went blank.

“So, that would be a week ago. Allen can you-“

“A WEEK ago?” Lisa interrupted Sharon in mid speech completely surprised by how long she’d been out for. Sharon just looked annoyed at her sudden surprise.

“Yes the doctors say that a hiker brought you in about a week ago, as soon as you were identified your parents were called.” She said with a blank stare. Lisa’s jaw dropped and all she could do was stare for a solid five minutes.

“Wait. A hiker brought ME in? What about Chloe?” She said breaking the long silence that hung in the air.

“No one was even aware of a ‘Chloe Darion’ being with you until now, I’m sorry, we can check the hospital to see if any Jane Does have been found, because I’m sure if they were to have identified her we would have known about it. Until then we have all the information we need and will let you rest.” The male finished with a tired sigh and just as they were headed for the door, Lisa called after them,

“Wait! If you weren’t aware of my best friend missing then then why are you even here investigated this?” She asked, the cops looked at each other,

“That’s classified information.”


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