The Slender Man Chronicles 1

 “No, I’m sure this is it!” Lisa said, straining her eyes to see the map that was swallowed by darkness.***

“I’m telling you, we’re lost!” Chloe turned back to Lisa, her pacing slowing. Her heart was beating fast, for fear was shadowing her, “Okay, well we obviously have no choice but to turn back now, right?”


Lisa let out a frustrated grunt. Backing out of this dare meant social suicide, and Lisa just wasn’t up for that, but knowing her best friend, Chloe, was a hard headed ginger there was no talking her into going forward.


“Fine, we can go back, but I hope you know our popularity is gone as soon as we return without those damn notes!” Chloe just looked in the direction of Lisa’s voice, for she couldn’t even see her own hand in front of her face in this darkness.

“We shouldn’t have ever agreed to this dare anyways! Now where is that flashlight?” Chloe’s ear caught a single noise of Lisa rifling through her back for the flashlight making her heart thump faster, her panic level was rising and all she wanted to do was be home in her warm bed, where she was safe.

“Got it.” In the same second Lisa said those words, there was a click and a beam of light flooded from the flashlight in her hands.

“Great, so which way is home?” Chloe asked shakily, she had a terrible feeling Lisa didn’t know where they had come from. A twig snapped in the distance, both girls jumped and looked at each other. Just as Lisa was turning her flashlight towards the noise, Chloe stopped her, “No, have you learned anything from horror movies? You don’t see the killer, they don’t attack, its fear they’re after, and it’s OUR fear.” She practically heard Lisa rolling her eyes,

“Okay miss over dramatic, it was probably the wind, or an animal!” Lisa’s voice shook giving her fear away to Chloe.

“Yeah, okay. Now turn off the flashlight, it’s practically shouting ‘hey look people you can come kill!’ and we have an advantage in the dark.” At first Lisa resisted, but in the end, she gave in.


“You watch way to many horror movies.” Lisa’s hands were shaky, but she calmly slid them into her friends so they wouldn’t get separated in the dark, however a cold shiver went up her arm as she felt the hand she just clasped, this wasn’t Chloe’s hand. It was cold and bony, it’s fingers wrapped tightly over Lisa’s knuckles. She held in a gasp and continued on as if she hadn’t noticed, heeding Chloe’s warning. Listening closer she was relieved to hear her friends strained voice seeming only a body apart from her,

“Lis, guess what? Pink is so the new black.” Their code. To tell when the other was in danger. They had made it up in the fourth grade after watching an episode of C.S.I. convinced that if they were kidnapped and got a chance to talk to the other they would need a code, so they decided it would be ‘Pink is the new black’. She knew at that point Chloe had slipped her hand into the cold and mysterious being walking between them as well.

“Oh totally, Pink is definitely the new black!” She repeated the code so Chloe would know she wasn’t the only one who noticed that they were most certainly NOT holding hands with each other.


Chloe’s throat burned with sobs she held in. This couldn’t be happening, this had to be a nightmare, this couldn’t be real…there isn’t any boogeyman…right? There isn’t a creature in the forest that was about to kill her and her best friend…there couldn’t be. Chloe’s brain was foggy and she couldn’t even think of a way out of this, all she could do was think about walking at the exact same pace as whatever was next to her, but it definitely was not human and it wasn’t leading her and Lisa home.


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