I am the girl who sang to birds, almost got killed by a Servant, lived with seven dwarfs, and choked on an apple. Although my life sounds terrible, it had a good ending, but the thing is, it wasn’t the ending.

So yes, I do live in a castle and I still love to sing to animals but my “Prince Charming” isn’t so charming, first of all, I barely knew him before he kissed me while I was dead, and he doesn’t let me sing to the birds anymore! Why? Because he’s a stupid control freak! So my happy ending hasn’t been so happy! I tried to ask for some sort of separation but apparently, Disney marriage Inc. (Where we got married) doesn’t do that, we have to pretend that we are happily in love ha! Once in a while I sneak out into the woods to visit the dwarfs which is another thing he banned me from, said they’re weird little creeps! THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS THING I HAVE EVER HEARD! Didn’t THEY take care of me when that evil queen was trying to kill me! Where was he when that was happening? He didn’t have to get a single scratch on his stupid little skin. I need to run away…but he’ll find me, and killing him is out of the question…I couldn’t harm a fly…besides, I saw the news the other day and Cinderella is dead because of something that happened between her and her husband! There was no way I was going to end up like that…I need someone who can make me disappear…fake my death…No, I remember the last time and how that turned out. Perhaps I need to visit a wizard….

It was evening, just around the time my husband took his naps, when I slipped out of the castle doors into the deep forest beyond, I got a map to the wizard’s cavern from the castle’s basement…who knew? When I finally arrived at the old oak door, I hesitated, what if-NO! This is what needs to happen. So I knock, no answer, I knock again almost falling in when the door creaks open. I gasp at the beautiful cavern in front of me, it looked like the sky in one room, when I stepped in I thought I might fall because the floor was…space? WHAT? Yet it was solid…just like a floor. A reasonably handsome man came out with a dark black robe hung around his shoulders, he raised his eyebrows,

“May I help you?”

“Well, yes, I have a problem…you see…my husband is well, not who I love, is there a way you could convince him that I no longer exist?” He smiled…or was that an evil smile?

“Of course, I can definitely convince him of that…all you must do is go back to your home with him and at the stroke of midnight I will come and the spell with begin.” I had an uneasy feeling about this but I was probably just nervous,

“Okay.” I said, he smiled and reached his hand out to grab mine and kiss it, with one last look he quickly disappeared, I blinked and was outside of the cavern.

That night I paced back and forth, not with nerves or regret but with happiness, I would finally be free! When the clock chimed to signal it had hit twelve I rushed into my husband’s study to find the wizard sitting by an unconscious prince. MY eyes widened but the wizard just laughed and began a chant I couldn’t quite understand, that’s when I felt it, a gust of wind carrying me up into the air so I was floating, then, a terrible suffocating feeling came over me as I struggled to breath…it felt as if an invisible hand was choking me to death. Black spots formed in my vision and then I fell hard to the floor, the invisible force releasing me. I ran, knowing this was not what I signed up for, this wizard must be dark. I ran down the hall as fast as I could, but not fast enough, the invisible force grabbed me and spun me around to face that smirking wizard. My eyes widened and I let out a horrified gasp at the sight. It was the dagger, the dagger that was supposed to be used to take my heart, yet it took a pig’s instead.

“Who are you?” I asked, hot tears running down my face.

“I’m a little friend of your step-mom, just finishing some unfinished business.” I shuddered…he was going to kill me.

“Please-Please don’t hurt me!” He laughed hysterically. Lifting the dagger he held it up to my face then traced the tip down to my heart…digging a little deeper he gave a low sigh,

“Skin white as snow, Lips red as rose, and hair black as ebony, the snow finally falls.” A sharp pain like nothing I ever felt before went into my heart, it felt like my chest was on fire as I dropped to the hard marble floor, watching as my I was soaked in a puddle of my own blood, and my world slowly faded away.

“Snow White found dead, heart cut out and never found, we just don’t know what to think. Her husband denies knowledge of the night but was arrested and thrown in prison for Snow’s murder.”

-Grimm’s News

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