I can’t stop looking over my shoulder…thinking I’ll seem my evil step-mom and step-sisters…not to mention on Halloween, I have grown a terrible fear of pumpkins, and it might sound crazy but I also now have a fear of rodents and dirt…Prince Charming says it’s because of everything I suffered, but I feel so bad for Gus and Jaq…poor things just wanted to help but they’re so….ugly, and creepy and YUCK! I went to a counselling, but all I got was more bad news, apparently I have developed O.C.D. from all the years of cleaning so much. Enough about that though, I do live in an amazing castle with a good Prince. Sometimes I think I hear the pitter-patter of mice feet…like right now! Jumping out of the covers and running over to the light switch I saw that there was nothing there…just like every other night, that’s when I noticed Prince Charming was gone…where could he be? I walked out into the hall, seeing the study room light was on I saw him pacing back and forth…and was he…talking to himself?

“Just get rid of her…she’s driving us crazy!”

“No, there has to be a better way!”

“She’s a nut job, what were you thinking? Next time you go and marry a mysterious girl who loses her shoe just for her looks, make sure she isn’t a wacko, GET RID OF HER!”

         I stepped back from the door…now that I think about it, it must have been hard on him…with all my problems…he must be suffering terribly, the grey hairs have taken over his once brown hair, but what was he talking about? He wanted to get rid of me? I had to do something, I couldn’t just stand back and wait for him to kill me…I had to kill him first, but I would have to do it so as not to raise his suspicions…poison! It was the only way…the only way. So, for the next few day I baked, baked every food he loved with a special ingredient, and it wasn’t love, finally the night came to serve the dinner. My palms were sweaty as he walked in, his gray streaked hair was askew and his beard was at a scruffy point, yet he was wearing a tux. Smiling at me and the dinner, I questioned whether this was a good idea or not…then he gestured for me to sit, so I did, but what happened next, I could have never guessed. The Prince got a crazed look in his eye, then pulled out a carved pumpkin with a lit candle inside, sitting it in front of me, I shuddered attempting to stand but he pushed me back in the chair, shoving the pumpkin closer to my face. I reached out, grabbed the pumpkin and hit him in the head getting up and running for the kitchen, I had to get a knife. Just as I pulled it out of the drawer he came up behind me, a searing pain went through my side, I felt my whole body collapse and looked at my own blood flowing out of my body, staining my blonde hair with scarlet red.

“Prince Charming and his wife Cinderella found dead in the dining room of the mansion, Large stains of blood were found all through the kitchen trailing back to Cinderella, who was found with a knife in her side and sitting propped up in one of the dining room chairs across from The Prince who was found in a chair as well, but his cause of death was traces of poison which were in every food on the table. No witnesses, but we spoke to the couples psychiatrist who releases that The Prince was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia. We have no leads and will probably never know the true story of what happened that night.”

-Grimm’s News

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