Little Red

Every night since the incident I can’t sleep, the nightmares of that horrible wolf haunted me, my grandma…my poor grandma. I slowly rose out of my bed and stumbled towards the door, I had started this pattern a few days after…what happened…I would wake up (If you call jumping out of bed from a terrible nightmare resulting in tossing and turning, waking up) and leave my little house while the sun was still down and the moon was still up. All I do is walk around the woods, those terrible woods that I had walked that terrible night, and wait for that wolf to come back, to get my own revenge. It’s crazy, I know, that huntsman killed the wolf…it wasn’t coming back…yet I felt its presence haunting me. Tonight was different from others though, twenty years from now today, that wolf killed my grandma and tried to kill me, and I found myself walking down that road, farther than I usually do, farther than I wanted to.

The sounds of that night became louder, clearer, as I got closer to the ruins of that old house. Stepping into that front door, I saw the remainders of the red fabric that used to be my cloak, the cloak that was supposed to protect me, protect my loved ones. Suddenly I could smell the stew my grandmother was cooking that night…I saw her back to me…running towards her I heard that sweet voice and when she turned around that’s when I saw it…the wolf, dressed like her, just like that night. I ran for my life, the wolf’s hot breath right on my neck, running for the front door it pounced on me, sinking its sharp teeth into my head slowly sucking my life.

“Middle aged woman found dead inside the wreckage of grandmother’s old house. Witness says they saw the girl walking aimlessly into the woods, “I tried to stop her, ask her where she was going…she ran into the house so I followed her, afraid she would be hurt, she came up behind me and when I turned around she was running again, that’s when I saw where she was headed, I when after her…trying to stop her and that when she fell and the nail went into her head.”

-Grimm’s news

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